For the last few years, whenever I go to sleep I've been setting my PC to play a season of some sort of TV series; It's usually either a cartoon or an American sitcom. Recently, I've kinda been running out of things to watch.

The shows I 'watched' like that include:
- How I Met Your Mother
- Futurama
- Family Guy (up to season 6 or 7, after that it got unwatchable)
- Daria
- Married... With Children
- My Wife And Kids
- Allo Allo
- Dilbert (that one wasn't very good though)

I do prefer cartoons because of the better sound balance. There are much fewer very loud bits and the voices are usually easier to hear without having to crank the volume up.


Shows I tried but did not like:
- Friends
- The Big Bang Theory (this is the worst bloody sitcom I've ever tried watching, and I've watched My Mother The Car)
- King Of The Hill
- Happy Days (couldn't even get through the first episode)
- The Simpsons (I guess the show wasn't absolutely terrible, but it never clicked with me like Futurama did)

I also tried The Honeymooners, but the sound balance was so terrible the show was unsuable as a nighttime playlist. The intros were incredibly loud, while the dialogues were really quiet.

Maybe you have some ideas about what I should try next? My current library got kinda stale.