It snowed Saturday night. I had people over, we ran out of wine, they wanted more. As the host, I felt obligated to take my car into a snowy parking lot for a minute and then get some wine. No big deal, didn't go far.

Then it snowed yesterday.

Apparently the entire building I work in decided to leave early.

I was a genius (if I do say so myself) and had my snow brush with me at my desk so I wouldn't have to wipe the door off with my hands to get aforementioned brush from inside the car.


It wasn't bad out at this time but people still drove in nearly impossibly stupid ways. I do not know why I am always amazed by this perceived snowocalypse stupidity that even the word "snow" brings to people, but I am.

The streets were not plowed, traffic was absurd, so the back roads were my route of choice. This included a quarter mile long (I Google mapped it) steep incline. Three cars were ahead of me, a late 90's Taurus going 5mph the entire time we were going through this neighborhood, a CRV of some year but they all look the same, and a Sequoia that got so impatient with the Taurus that he blasted halfway up the hill before turning onto a side street. On the hill already were two cars spinning their tires while sliding backwards (a Camry and an Impreza, I believe). I waited at the bottom for the cars ahead of me to make their way up and then threw it into second and kept an even speed for the course of the hill...but actually had to brake because the CRV slowed down about 3/4 of the way up.

On that hill, I passed two cars and caught 2 others without even trying. SNOW TIRES FTW!

This isn't the hill I mentioned (don't worry, I was at a stop at the bottom), it's actually a second one. First one was actually steeper!


But really, as if you guys didn't know, snow tires in the winter are pretty beastly.