To everyone who's been using my Oppo userscript, I hope you've been enjoying it. To everyone else, now's the time to get in on the action!

For new users, please take a moment to read my original post (linked above) with all the details.


So what's new? First of all, speed. I reconfigured the project and changed how it loads - the performance should be much better for everyone.

Second, I've added optional features. In the vanity footer added to the very bottom of every page, you'll now see a "gear" icon which, when clicked, offers you some options:

  1. Colours - by default the colours option is enabled. This affects usernames, tags, the sidebar, and all links to other pages/posts. Uncheck it and click Save to go monochrome.
  2. Bigger sidebar - the sidebar has been shrunk a ton. For some users, it's too small. You can have a wider sidebar with larger text by checking this option. Don't forget to click Save.

Dismiss this popup without saving your changes by clicking Cancel, or by clicking again on the gear icon. Please note that these options use cookies, and may have to be set for each Kinja site you visit. I use the defaults (colours on, small sidebar) so I'm not sure how it'll work for everyone else.


The final new thing, which may or may not work, is auto-updating of userscripts with Greasemonkey. This feature should be working now, but I haven't tested it yet. We'll see in the coming weeks/months how that pans out.

Download link to the script: CLICK HERE

I hope you enjoy this, and that it works for you. If you have any problems or notice something that doesn't quite work, please don't hesitate to let me know by replying here.