I propose that in the comments in 1 or 2 sentences tell me the most batshittiest encounter you've had with a lady. I will take the resulting sentences and put them in a poll. Then we can figure out which oppo-commenter has dated the most batshit crazy babe. Should be fun right?

Any story of a girlfriend, ladyfriend, fwb or even just a one-date-girl is fair game. Just share the craziest thing she did! For you ladies, I'm happy to throw in batshit-dude-stories!


I'll start: I went bowling with my crazy lady friend and my roommate and his girlfriend, while I was in the bathroom, she propositioned his girlfriend for a threesome with her boyfriend, she got turned down... Then in the parking lot she sat on the trunk of my Jetta and wanted me right then and there... Needless to say, she was very drunk.