I've been working for a city full-time, contract to contract basis until a full-time permanent position becomes available, which has been fine, but my current contract ends January 8th. I started here as a co-op while studying Civil Eng and just stayed on.
Because I jump around on contracts I have worked a few different positions/divisions within my office which has opened me up to jobs I'm not officially educated for.

About 6 weeks ago my old boss mentions he might have something for me in the new year. Then nothing, and nothing, and finally I ask him about it and he is hesitant about confirming. So I'm thinking "fuck! slim chance in hell I will find a job relating to my field in the middle of winter and only a couple paid weeks left at my current job."


Well today he comes to me and says he is pushing a position through HR and it should be ready to sign off on after Christmas. Not only does it put me in the Staff Association (union) so I finally get full benefits, building a pension, etc., but a huge raise. From my current $22/hr to $31.50. Down side is it is only a contract to fill the remaining part of a maternity leave, but where my previous contracts have been 4 month, this is the better part of 8 and I'm on board as a legit staff member, which makes it harder for them to not keep me on after this runs out.

I've also never really had an official job title either, I think what my city profile says is the job I worked over a year ago. But now I will be: Transportation and Engineering Information Technologist. Which I think is a little hilarious.

I'm pretty pumped as this keeps me on my 5-year *plan*.

tl;dr: make money, get bitches

Ninja Kinja Edit: thanks er'body!