The Cruze is gone, and good riddance. The Fiesta is finally back and it feels so good. I forgot how much I loved it. Driving that 118 HP Cruze gave me some bad habits too. I keep forgetting about the power and spinning the tires in 2nd gear. Oops. The car looks great and for the most part it looks like everything was fixed up properly. Theres a few areas on the inside trunk that i'm not thrilled about, but I may just be overly anal. Either way they also detailed it and cleaned the interior, so it looks fantastic. I had to take some mediocre photos to celebrate the occasion. Took them with a potato though so now I kinda feel stupid. Oh well. It probably won't look this good for a while. #TeamTreadOut

Still debating on whether to write an oppo review on the base Cruze. Maybe if I have enough time over break.