Thought I'd chime in with my list

BEST: My Chevy Sonic RS

I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing about it, but I really do love my car. It's nimble, it's comfortable, and since the addition of intake/catback/tune, it's an absolute fucking blast to drive. Torquey motor that makes fantastic blow off sounds, quick ratio transmission for fun rowing, just a fantastic car. Haters gon' hate, but I love this thing. Plus it has the same steering wheel as a Camaro ZL1, how cool is that!

BEST: 2013 Audi A5

Okay, so it's an A not an S but it's still a fantastic car. Super comfortable, plenty of power. The handling is the real sweet spot here, it corners flat and confident and puts down the power flawlessly thanks to Quattro. Power is decent, I think if it had about 20-30 more horsepower it would be perfect. For the superficial stuff it's a gorgeous car in white, and the interior is top notch. MMI is amazing.

BEST: 2001 Audi TT Roadster w/225 HP

While writing this I realize that I drove way more cars last year that would be great for this list. (Boxster, S2000, Miata, RX8...). Since none of those qualify, this one makes the cut for best. And now that I think about it, I owe a lot to this car. This is the car that convinced me for sure that I needed to own a manual. This is the car that convinced me that turbochargers are incredible. This thing is f u n. No, it's not the best roadster. It's easily last on my list of roadsters I've driven, but that's not a discredit to the TT, it's just that all the others are soooo good. Similar to the A5, the TT corners flat, gets the power down very well thanks to quattro, and puts a smile on your face. Good gearbox with short throws and smooth shifts, an addicting amount of turbo noise, and a great sounding engine all combine for a good time. The interior certainly shows its age, but it's decent enough.

WORST: Subaru BRZ (Automatic)

Oh boy. This is going to blow up my inbox. Some people may say I'm only saying this to stir the pot, and you'd be partially right. I don't get this car. The seating position is fantastic, but it feels cramped. It's a very nice interior, but kind of bland. But surely the driving experience is the most important part? And this thing is the best car you can drive for the money, right? Yeah, I didn't get that. It's okay. It doesn't have enough power, it felt anemic at best. It handled well but it wasn't mind blowing, I honestly prefer the Miata. Oh the tires spin and get loose easily? That's fun, I guess? It certainly looks good, but the performance just didn't do it for me. I'm sure that opinion would change a bit with a manual and a lot with a less boring area to drive it in, but I honest to goodness find my Sonic way more fun to drive than the BRZ and would definitely have a Focus ST eons before I bought the BRZ. If I was in the market for a 2 door sports car, I'd buy a Miata over the BRZ any given sunday.

WORST: My friend's 1999 Jeep Cherokee (not pictured)

Okay, I'm cheating. I don't think I've actually driven his car this year. I drove it last year though, and that's enough to make this list year after year after year. This thing is the piece of shit of pieces of shit. I don't know how he does it, I don't understand how any human being would subject themselves to this every day. It's got to be out of alignment, the steering wheel has to be held at a 15 degree angle to go straight. The engine is weak at best. Everything about it just feels numb and terrible. It actually scares me, I mean really legitimately terrifies me just how bad it drives. I mean the thing basically doesn't have brakes, you get halfway through the travel before any stoppage occurs and even then it feels like slowing an oil tanker with a tailwind. The exterior styling of these is fine, but his is falling apart. The interior is pretty horrid even for 1999.

I hate this car, with a passion.


Not much to say, it's a Focus that doesn't make a sound. Drives like a heavy standard Focus. It's honestly not that bad, just so boring.


It's a Focus ST. It's good. I'm still too fat for the Recaros. If the Recaros had adjustable bolsters, I'd probably be driving one today. Okay no I wouldn't, I still hate Sync (sorry Ford lovers, your manufacturers entertainment system isn't good)


I actually feel horrible I didn't mention this. It's a tragedy. My former car, my 2011 Kia Forte Koup SX

Kia, I'm sorry you were replaced. I'm hopeful that you're in good hands now. You were a great car. Sharp looking, nice interior, peppy engine, sprightly handling. I loved you, but you weren't meant to be with me. You didn't give me enough space, even though you had plenty. You were saddled with an automatic transmission, which I grew out of. You'll always hold a very special place in my heart though, the first car I've purchased for myself, the car I drove and loved for the first year of my career. I'll always miss you Koup