Pic not mine. My dad rented one earlier so we could go get a Christmas tree without using my mom's car (a 2013 Hyundai with no roof rails). It was a 2WD XL - I think it had the 5.0 V8, based on the sound and the torque. I liked being able to drive a full-size truck again after my dad sold his Tundra last year.

It had plenty of power, coming from someone who's spent most of his seat time this past year behind the wheel of a 160 HP Focus. The ride was good, and the brakes were pretty grabby too. About the only part I didn't enjoy was constantly being nagged by my dad to speed up/slow down while he complained that I was "too eager to get off the brakes". The brakes and throttle felt like on/off switches to me, so I wasn't going to be perfectly smooth during my first drive anyway. Aside from that and an incessant rattle that my dad attributed to extra clamps, the drive home was pretty relaxed.