From the WI DOT website:

Steps for driving a single lane roundabout:

1. Slow down. Obey traffic signs.

2. Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.

3. Yield to traffic on your left

already in the roundabout.

4. Enter the roundabout when

there is a safe gap in traffic.

5. Keep your speed low

within the roundabout.

6. As you approach your exit,

turn on your right turn signal.

7. Yield to pedestrians and

bicycles as you exit.

About #6. No one does this. No one signals AT ALL that I have seen. Should people at least signal if they intend on changing direction, say, a driver is heading SOUTH and wants to continue EAST through the roundabout?

Does everyone agree with #6? When do YOU signal? What does YOUR state law say?

(disclaimer: people tend to plod thorough single lane roundabouts near my home, and never signal, and several times I've had to stop just so I can wait to see if that vehicle that just entered the roundabout opposite of me is going to continue to run parallel to me, or make a un-signaled turn across my bow)