In a quiet beach at night, sharing stories of batshit babes past, let me tell you the story of what is probably my biggest summer/girl screw up, or at least the one I regret the most, which took place many, many, many summers ago (actually, february 2006). See, back then I was just an idiotic 15 years old high school student of little intelligence who spent way too much time thinking about Chevelles and Novas and Corvettes. I other words, nothing at all like the grown man of little intelligence I am today who spends way too much time thinking about Chevelles, Novas and Corvettes, no sir, I was a veritable idiot back then, and I was vacationing at this exact same beach upon which we are all metaphorically chillaxin today.

Back then, however, it was mostly a deserted place, with fewer buildings and less apartment blocks and not a lot of people would come over for the summer, specially in february, so young BlazinAce could only wonder about all those manners of summer flings and beach babes popularized by beach movies. Instead, I'd spend most of my waking time, and I had a lot of it, running around with water guns spraying whatever crossed my way with a mix locally known as devil's blood, a volatile base combined with a pH indicator which dyes surfaces red for a while and then disappears. I also did my fair share of loitering, wandering and wasting away. In short, the things idiots do.

Until she came along. Like I said earlier, not a lot of people would come to this specific beach for the summer. Me and family were the only people staying on an otherwise vacant building and I had taken to writing obscenities along the walls, and floors, and ceiling and pretty much everywhere else, with my water guns, so I couldn't help but take notice one night, when an SUV rolled into the garage and parked on a recently dick-printed spot next to our rented apartment's garage. Out came two adults which I couldn't describe if my life depended on it because, from the back seat, came out a young girl, which I'll just assume was around my age, short, very cute, long blond hair, dressed in, I think, a white top and some jean shorts. I watched her for a moment, helping her parents load up whatever luggage they had into a shopping cart and helping them up the elevator, and I remember like it was yeterday because, in a sense, that's what I'd been hoping for all summer.


I also remember when she strolled back, pointing at my cuss words and asked what I was doing, then took the water gun with red dye from my hand and wrote her name and a number, which I'll assume was her phone or apartment number, on a nearby wall, dotting it with a little star. The number, I've since forgotten, but the name, Karine, stuck with me during the two weeks in which we were neighbors, because, in a sense, that's what I'd been hoping for all summer.

She then left without another word and I, being the idiot I was, did nothing. Nothing that is, but ponder about how nice a summer fling she would be for a while, before going back to drawing dicks and writing fucks along the walls. I spent the rest of those two weeks with her as my neighbor and I'd often see her tanning by the pool and would occasionally stop whatever stupid shit I was doing because she'd come over to chat. I wondered why she was so insistent in striking up conversations and how she could seem so curious about the obviously stupid things I did on my own, but the thought that maybe, maybe she had meant something else by writing her name and phone that night wouldn't cross my mind until a full year later, when we went back to the same beach, but stayed on a different building, on the other side of the beach, not a single trace of girls in miles.

If anyone ever wonders just how dumb I am, this is it. Life had pretty much thrown one of those beach movies, in all their cheesiness, my way and I was too dumb to pick it up and run with it, and I could run very, very fast back then. But, like I said, I was an idiot back then, perhaps the biggest of idiots, and I never saw it coming. Godamnit, the perfect summer it would have been, if not for myself.


Anyways, about you oppo? Ever had a similar story where you lost just the perfect chance in such a stupid way that you'd reminisce about it year after year? Feel free to share.