Because I felt like compliling a wishlist of not-Ford Mustangs, I present to you my dream garage of after-Ford Mustangs.

Shelby - 2014 "GT500 Super Snake" When Ford introduced the Shelby GT500 with 662 horses under the hood, Shelby American took the next logical step. They boosted the V8 to 850 horses! Available with a wide-body kit, a host of badges and whatever else you want to tick on the options list this is a last hurrah for the S197 Mustang. It's more use friendly than the thousand horsepower Shelby 1000 and it looks better, too. Start with a stick, tick all the boxes and that'll be what I'm having, waiter.

Saleen - 2000 "S281 SC" Based on the 4th generation Mustang, the supercharged New Edge version of the S281 produced 465 horses. Dressed to kill, these Mustangs worse their Saleen badges proudly. They could even be based on SVT Cobras and that's how I'd take mine.

Roush - 2009 "429R" Each of these one hundred cars came with the Jack Roush seal of approval. Rouscharged to 435 horses, these cars were the more attractive and friendly version of the Stage 3 Mustang offered by Roush. I'd take mine in pre-facelift trim with a manual transmission.

Shinoda Performance Vehicles/Team Shinoda - 1996 "Boss Shinoda" These cars were available as aftermarket modifications on the SN95 Mustang GT from Team Shinoda/Shinoda Performance Vehicles. Shinoda Performance carried the name of Larry Shinoda, the brain behind the Boss 302 Mustang and the full Shinoda Boss was an outstanding Mustang. I'll have mine with the full Shinoda, please!