Hello Oppo!

Toyota and Ford have both recently released global vehicles for us car geeks. They're both cheap to buy, rather cheap to run, have similar horsepower and were created to put a smile on your face, you little hoon!

I've been looking at both cars and both seem to make sense. The GT-86 is probably a bit more driver-oriented and offers a "purer" driving experience thanks to it being a rear-wheel drive coupe, naturally aspirated, and a dedicated sports car.

The fiesta ST is probably a bit more of a compromise, since it's derived from a classical hatchback and is front wheel drive. This also means means its format offers more seating space, a neat and easy to modulate trunk, all in a lighter and shorter package. In addition, its 1.6 turbo offers better fuel economy and more low-end grunt. And it's quite a bit cheaper, too.


In Europe, if you're a greedy lad like me looking for the cheapest route, you can get a GT-86 starting around 23 500€. On the other hand, a Fiesta ST can be had for as low as 16 500€, which makes quite a difference!

I'm not the only one who asked himself this question, since Evo recently did a comparison between two cars:

As you can see, the outcome's a bit surprising!

So, all things considered, if it were your money, which would you rather have?