An Oregon man got himself a crashed Model S and is now figuring out how to stuff its internals into the lovely (and somewhat elongated) body of this T3 Vanagon.

Passion for camping + passion for EVs = T3 EV LWB camper van

Otmar Ebenhoch has long had a passion for electrically driven vehicle, dating back to his wooden go-kart at age 12, which he saw in dire need of an electric motor. He currently runs Cafe Electric in Corvallis, OR, and specializes in converting all sorts of vehicles to electric power.


At the moment, Ebenhoech is working on the union of an elongated VW T3 camper van and the electric bits and bobs from a Tesla Model S that he bought after someone had wrecked it. Right now, his stretched Vanagon and the salvaged Model S still stand side-by-side in his garage as he is figuring out how to merge the two. It'll be interesting what a hobbyist can do with the technical bits from Tesla's model S, but if it works out, he should end up with a 362 hp Vanagon that has the Model S' larger 85 kWh battery pack. One of the problems could be the weight of the batteries, though, as Ebenhoech expects to add about 590 kilograms by fitting just the pack. Good thing the Vanagon has already received the stretch treatment, as the battery pack would be too big to fit inside the normal T3 chassis.

As he will be technically be driving a Model S for the most part once the build is completed, he hopes to be granted access to Tesla's Supercharger station network, which would provide him with free electricity. He's planning on doing his first trip with the car come spring.

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