I want to import a car.

Ok I want to import all the cars, but I am not named Gates.

I will be in Europe for several years, so which particular car is up in the air, but I need to start with the basics. Does anyone have experience with the process to bring a car to the US that was never sold here (skyline, etc)? I was also thinking about cars that the engine options in Euroland were more awesome than the US offerings, but the bodies were similar (diesel versions, s14s, anything German)


I have looked all over the internet but I can't find any decently reliable information. Some have said to budget 5k for the process, some say 10.

For reference I am entertaining the thought of an R34 for me, and a used (in 3 years) 550d for the wife/actually driving around. And if I can find good enough prices, I would totally rock a Legacy GT as a DD.

Hey, I can dream.