It's Christmas vacation week, so traffic is light and the kids are home with my wife. No need to slog with the CRV, so I wheeled out the Alfa, let her warm up gently, then pounded to work on the relative ghostly highways.

At lunch I needed to make a trip to the pack and ship down on Slaughter. No traffic leaving downtown.

Coming home. Dear God. According to Waze it was an 8 car pile-up. Commenters on the AM radio stations news blog said it was one of those "Oh God, I was going somewhere but I can't remember... Oh, THERE'S my exit, and I have plenty of room (8 feet) to cross 4 lanes of traffic to make it. Nice." CRASH.


My car was panting by the time I cleared it. This is every day here. We have two main north-south thoroughfares, and there are constant accidents on both. Consequently it can frequently take an hour or more to drive less than 8 miles. I hate it. And it's only getting worse.

The traffic is so bad, and it's traffic I can't avoid, that I want to move. It's just infuriating.

Rant over.

Poor car... Three weeks back on the road and it's subjected that THAT.