Start Time: 11:30

Final Lift: 3:30

GPS Stats:

Max Speed: 60Mph

Average: 23Mph

Max Altitude: 11,112ft

Total Vertical (GPS): 31,005

Total Vertical (EpicMix): 29,321

Runs (GPS): 17

Runs (EpicMix): 15

Distance: 55 Miles

Max Temperature: 30F

Min Temperature: 14F


Longest Hang Time: .74s

Biggest Drop: 60ft

Farthest Distance: 73ft

The jump recording is a little fishy. It only seems to record jumps half the time. All the jumps were the result of Flying off crests rather than true jumps. Hmm. Not a bad day, but not amazing either. The snow was kinda meh.