As some of you may remember, I am most likely getting my grandpa's perfect condition 2nd gen Escort for $600. It's not my ideal car, but at such a low price for such a well-cared-for car, I cannot complain one bit. I will learn to love it. I already kind of like the style of it. Anyway, one thing I thought of is potentially focusing solely on weight to attempt to build something fun, trackable, and fuel efficient to boot. It only has 88 horses new, but so did my Mustang. There's not much that can be done to improve that (Considering the immaculate condition, a full engine swap is out of the picture unless it does start acting up), but the suspension and brakes can all be upgraded with a couple junkyard Mazdas. But beyond that, all that's left is ripping up the interior (not gonna happen) or buying carbon fiber doors, hood, and hatch. Which, believe it or not, some lunatic has actually made. For '90s Escorts. They're a bit pricy (doors are about $1000 shipped for the set of two, hatch is a little bit more, not sure on the hood) but I figure, if more weight-saving options come up, they could be pretty fun if I manage to win the lottery or something. It's not something I actually plan to do, but if I had the resources, I think I would.