In this day and age, we now live in a world where people (or should I say drivers) are constantly bickering to which one is best.

What I'm about to say now isn't an opinion (although some bits may be), but just to enlighten you all to soften your testicles about the demise of the late Manual transmission.


Technology is forever moving forward, and with it comes ways to make 'manual' things become 'automated'. Think about the factories from the 60's, thousands of people sweating out making cars by hand, yes that is a lovely idea saying my car was hand built, but for a business, it's not good!

Factories have moved on to using robots to do the hard work while the humans basically put it all together. How else will you get the best end-result? The blend between man and machine is perfection.

So, let's get onto the nitty-gritty. Manual versus Automatic.

Both have their upsides and both have their downsides. What you prefer is solely your opinion.


Do you know what really grinds my gears? When people bash drivers who like driving automatic cars saying "You're not a true petrol-head meh meh meh".

That is not strictly true, I'm about to drop a bombshell, I prefer automatics, no, not slush-boxes, but Doppelkupplungetstriebe's (that's German for dual-clutch transmission).

Why, where's the driving pleasure I hear you all chant! The driving pleasure is when you get the fizz, not when you change gears. I have ballistic orgasms when I flap a paddle because I feel like I'm in a race car. However, in a manual I feel more in control, some flappy paddle systems are rubbish and don't let you downshift when you want.

Manuals are great because of their 'hey take control of me driver' attitude. Yeah, that's all great but then taking your hand off the wheel to change gears does give you less control of the car.

Now before you say anything, yes on a track you downshift before you get into a corner, but wouldn't a flip of a paddle be easier?

Hmm, this argument goes many many ways.

We don't live in a world of 'feel' anymore, remember what has happened to good 'ol hydraulic steering? Yep, been replaced by a numb artificial rack.


But what is all of this for, in terms of performance cars? Lap times. Everybody wants the next-gen Porsche GT3 to be faster, and one of the ways to do that is a dual-clutch transmission right?

Well you know where I'm going with this. No arguing, no bickering, no bashing other users, just genuinely which you prefer and why. I've given my account and which one I prefer.

Just to write this article off, I love manuals, I love it in the E39 M5, I love it in hot-hatches but as an all-rounder a dual-clutch auto is for me.