I've never been more disappointed in a video game in my life. Don't get me wrong, the physics engine is better than ever, and the actual driving is better than ever, but any and all praise from me stops there. Career mode is shit. The credits system is shit. You don't get cars for leveling up anymore, fuck you turn 10. You don't get discounted parts for cars as you upgrade each affinity level, fuck you royally turn 10. Oh and fun fact, go in and try to modify a car, any car, and go to the engine swaps... Yea notice it doesn't tell you what the hell the motors are out of.... Good job Turn 10. Oh and heres a nice gem. If you have two controllers on at the same time, BOTH will attempt to control the car. Good job Turn 10 (and Microsoft really). Paint system is shit (only one set of colors to pick from other than the manufacturer colors and the bat shit insane "Special colors." What ever happened to having a matte set, a gloss set, and a metallic set? Shit even NFS had (has?) that....)

All in all. What the fuck were they thinking? They had a simple job with Forza 5.

1) Improve the graphics. ~ Done

2) Improve the physics engine. ~ Done

3) Improve the driving experience in the game (thanks to XBOX one's vibrating triggers) ~ piece of cake

4) Leave the menu system in tact. ~ FAILED

5) Leave the credit and experience system in tact. ~ FAILED

6) Add more cars. ~ Massively FAILED.

There are far less cars. In fact, you can't even go through the list of manufacturers by themselves any more. You have to browse through with EVERYTHING open at once. Who's bright fucking idea was that?


7) Add more flexability to modifying cars. ~Best I can tell failed. The system is a bit goofy and it's hard to decipher what engine swaps are what. Even with a company whos motors I know for the most part like Subaru. I know what motors should look like what as far as power, I still can't figure it out all the way.

8) Allow for drag races in split screen (seriously how else can you talk shit with a buddy over at your house and challenge each other to build an insane straight line car. It's such a simple thing that they never bothered to add in 4 but would add some entertainment. ~I think passed, if it works as I think, I didn't have time to test that today.

9) Don't fuck up the AI. ~ Failed miserably.

and 10) Add in dirt tracks. More tracks in general really, but mainly non-blacktop tracks. Some dirt, snow, all that good stuff. ~ Failed. In fact you can't even race on every track in the free drive mode best I can tell until you've raced them in the career mode. That's stupid.

Seriously. Turn 10, what the hell were you thinking?