I call it "Character Cars". Its sort of like match a car to a personality, but, well, it's exactly that but with hypothetical screenplay characters.

Day 1:) Okay, so who we got here is Donnie. Donnie is a suburban drug dealer who is also a major pothead. He is the secondary/comic relief antagonist, with his weird way of mixing trailer park with surfer and gangsta speak, and is generally an easygoing guy, but has bursts of psychopathy. He dresses like a skater, but wears more expensive stuff like good quality flannels, slim straight cut Levis, limited edition Nike Dunks, a g-shock watch, and honey colored ray-ban wayfarers. He lives in the suburbs in a nice 1 floor house with a finished basement filled with pop culture decorations (his main smoking room/office), an in-ground pool, and a large 2 car detached garage with attic (where he keeps his drugs). He is around 25-28, 6'4" and slim, with slight muscle. Black short hair, and a john travolta from the taking of pelham 123 mustache . Listens to all sorts of music, mostly hard rock from the late '70s to the early '90s. He enjoys cars, prefers american, likes them fast or at least look it, can drive stick, and takes good care of his car. GO: