So I found a 2004 Volvo S60 R for sale locally with 70k miles, a manual transmission, and a clean carfax. It's reasonably priced so that I could get it loan free if I trade in my 08 Civic Lx with 64k and give a little bit of cash.
I'm nervous though. I've been reading that these cars are reliable, but the stuff that breaks is expensive stuff and starts to fail right around the 60k miles mark. Things like timing belts, the angle gear for the AWD system, and slave cylinders for the clutch. It would be quite the shock for me to go to this from a civic, which the only required maintanence has only been oil and gas in the tank. I understand there's risk whenever buying a used car, but I only drive about 10k miles a year. The Volvo would definitely be more fun than the civic, but I'm afraid of more headaches than the civic too. I'm thinking an R would be acceptable to take to cars&coffee and Swedish car shows, something I can't really do with my civic. I'd definitely get an independent shop to take a look at it before I make an offer.

What do you guys think of these cars? Has anyone on Oppo had one? I'm I crazy to consider trade my super efficient dependable appliance for a potentially high maintance, older, car nerd's bucket list car?
I might try to test drive it tomorrow. I'll let you guys know what I think of it.