I kept my mouth shut when the BMW community was freaking out about the 4-series. I thought it actually started to make sense that you'd make your odd-numbered cars sedans and evens would be coupe. Even with the stupid "sedan-coupes" (BMW execs need to read The Paradox of Choice) it all made some sense, but now I've found they completely f'd up their naming conventions.

So my local BMW dealer invited me to an event and I was checking out the new 4-series. Cool, I'll take some free food and check out cars for an afternoon. I check out the 428i and the sales guy says it's a 2.0L twin-turbo. I correct him (I'm used to correcting BMW sales guys) and let him know that would be the 420i, right? The _28i would be the 2.8L straight 6 petrol engine, like it's been FOR YEARS. Pop the hood and yeah...4 banger, twin-turbo. Check the badge on the back... "428i." Damn it. Check another car... same deal. What?


Did everybody already talk about this months ago and not tell me? Why didn't you tell me?!