As some of you may or may not know, I'm going to be buying a 29 year old BMW to drive over the winter while my car is locked away. If I don't immediately regret buying this rolling illegal immigrant, I might keep it even longer.

So pretty much, I want to register this car as a historic so I will have 3 year registrations (instead of 1 year), and no inspections.


Currently the car is registered in Maryland as a historic car. My friend who owns it has registered everything he can as a historic, from the e23, to his 928, countless F bodies, even his 88 K1500 which was nothing more than a junk hauler.

The laws for both NJ (where I reside) and MD state that historic cars or trucks aren't for primary transportation. My question is, how would anyone who wants to question this know? Unless they watch where you go every day, historic cars have no mileage limitations unlike cars registered as "collector" cars. I figure since I HOPE I can pick up a S60R this year (arguing for 4 car spaces is going to be hard) I won't need to DD it for that long, and I still have my truck to drive this winter when the going gets rough.

Does anyone here DD a car with historic plates? Ever catch any crap for it?

Also, does anyone think it'd be worth the extra hassle to get personalized historic plates? I have personalized plates on my truck which I ordered online. To get historic plates I have to go to a few specific MVC's, apparently I can't just go to the one closest to me. To get personalized historic plates, I can only mail in my application to the state capitol.


If you have any good ideas for a personalized plate for a 1985 bmw 745i turbo, leave it in the comments.

I also hope I don't get crap for the car having BMW type 118's on the car. If the MVC wants to argue that the car has been altered to far from stock I'll tell them it came from the factory with 15.5" wheels that you really can't get tires for anymore. I dont think my friend has the 14" wheels with tires anymore so I can't put those on.

NJ MVC Special Vehicles Plates