Jalops, I am failing you. Big time. I was just informed that I am receiving a very generous raise for next year, and instead of thinking of a project car to buy, my mind immediately went to thinking about how I could use the extra money to increase my 401k contributions and pay down some debt a bit quicker. I guess that officially puts the last nail in the coffin on my youth. I'M ONLY 30! IT ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS YET!!!!

In all honesty, I absolutely love my life, and wouldn't trade any of it for cars (well, except maybe the student loan debt - if any of you know someone willing to trade some cars for my student loan debt, please let me know), but sometimes I just want to say "fuck it all" and blow a whole paycheck on the first interesting looking project car to pop up on my local Craigslist like the good old days before I was married and had a mortgage and whatnot.

Oh, and it really doesn't help that I currently have to use a walker. Fucking broken leg. Walkers really aren't good for your self esteem when you are already felling a bit down about getting old.