Many cars today have so many standard features built in that the new prices will vary little between the base model and the loaded one; on the other hand, many cars still have ridiculously priced or such numerous options that you might be rolling off the dealer lot in a car that looks the same as that neighbor who is always trying to best you but costs 65% more. Only you were just suckered into spending $34,000 on a Passat that looks, at first glance, like the one he ended up getting for $20,000 (of course, it does have power everything and a bitchin' V6 that will get you to 60 in I-don't-care-how many seconds faster than his inline-5 equipped model (I am only guessing the typical new Passat buyer doesn't care about performance. Besides—inline-5s are arguably bitchin'-er). So, ignoring the fact that all of these questions are about standoffish douchewads who only care about image when buying a car, what are some other ridiculously different price points on cars that wear the same nameplate?

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