We are at the end of another eventful year. After every given period of time, it is beneficial to look back, take stock and write down what one will do in the coming year.

Grosjean had a terrible 2012 but has rewritten his fortunes this year and come back a stronger and faster man. So what has this year taught you my dear Opponaut, what have you learnt and what do you want to do in the coming year? Be it learning or refining a skill or a procedure or just the way you brush you hair or managing your auto interests with finances or something in your personal life. Share if you choose to do so.


I have learnt left-foot braking this year. I can do it as well as using my right foot. That is my crowning achievement for this year. In the coming year, I wish I can get myself a new motorcycle and also, spend lots and lots of time with my son who's on the way :)