Testing the new Jalop rides sheet.

Ignore my sentence structure and grammar, this is stream of conciousness writing when I'm in developer mode.

So I've set up a Google form for input, pinched a couple of questions from the Jalop car points game sheet and protected the spreadsheet so it can be viewed but not edited.


The 'View Summary' link shows a bunch of graphs that are built from the drop down list inputs. I haven't managed to find a way to block the text inputs from showing on that summary, so it could get messy over time. To counter that, it's quite easy to remove the summary view link and move all the graphs into a new sheet in the spreadsheet, also gives the option of creating graphs/charts from text inputs which the summary page doesn't seem to be able to do.

No way to upload images yet without crazy coding and formatting, It would more then likely end up as a large batch of images at the end of the summary. To get around this, you could potentially upload images to imgur then drop the link in the 'comment' section, users could then click it directly from there.

I've left Countries as a simple text box for the moment as I have to manually input each one, as for the years, and models etc, since it looks like the form can't read a list of values from a linked spreadsheet.

The 'year of manufacture' summary chart is broken, not sure why, could be the 100+ segments it's trying to calculate, I may shrink that to the 1940s to Today range, I'm guessing most Jalops don't have a car that old.

So dear readers, what you can do at the moment is click on that link, poke around, throw some data in, see what I'm missing, leave comments either here or in the comment section of the sheet.

I'll look to extracting the old data from the original ride sheet and dump it into the new one.


At the moment this is just a test sheet, I'm trying to get back user input, so if you ping me here, I'll make edits and update data you've punched in.


It's a pity something like this can't live under the Gawker roof and use our gawker logins or allow it to be added to our profiles then collate all the data in a nice format.

If any of the Jalop writers are listening, is something like that possible?

Oh and I removed the current celebrity crush column, since the only answer is Jennifer Lawrence.

Updates -

Make and Model switched correctly.

Europe added.

Buick Added.

Transmission 'Other' option added.

Transmission 'Other' text field added.

MA added to states.