Not in the sense I got rid of it, I put it in the ditch. Going about 35-ish down a kinda snowy backroad. Had it in 4 wheel high. I was heading to my girlfriends house to pick her up for our date, and as I was passing her grandpa's house I hit Pennsylvania potholes. The kind where there's 4000 in about two feet. Well, my truck's super light so it tends to bounce around over those (and stock-replacement shocks seem really stiff to me) and of course it did yesterday. It started coming around on me, I counter steered but to no avail. Right down off the road into the muck. I called her for her and her dad to pull me out (She drives a Dakota. I drive a Ford Ranger. I don't subscribe to the truck pull-by-make shame where Fords pull out Fords etc, if I need help I need help.) After that I got back in, put her in 4-Lo, and eased it out in reverse. I couldn't go forwards because I was right against the bank and couldn't turn the wheel right going forwards. Nothing was hurt, but since it was my first real incident it scared me a bit. Live and learn I guess.