Just went to the LA car show, checked out the sweet new firebird. It looks so amazing decked out in orange paint and the crazy graphics. Oh yeah, you guys seen the gull wings on the delorean? Looks like it can fly, but I'm not that sure about the French engine....oh yes went to the Jewel Osco to get some hot wheels. Can't believe they still have the VW bus with the surfboards on top. Oh yeah if you are in Chicago, pop in one of the blue clubs (I can't remember which) and fucking John Belushi is doing stand up comedy there! He's hysterical. Oh yeah, when I was on a trip to South Carolina, met some guy named Jason Torch(something, can't really recall). He's a hella funny guy, always bumbling about VW bugs and cars even I knew even existed. Oppo on and happy 80s Monday!