Sit around the campfire everyone. I'm going to tell you about the time I got Orloved.

A bit of pretense: It was my Sophomore year in high school and I had been riding my motorcycle to school for about 8 months before the incident. My rear tyre could have done with being replaced around that time, but I thought it was fine seeing that it rarely rains where I live.

It was a particularly shite day, raining on and off throughout the school day. Once classes had ended I decided I had two options: I could either soldier through the rain, or wait it out and see if the heavens would show some mercy. After waiting a few minutes and deciding the heavy rain was not going to let up any time soon I let my teenage ego take over. I took it easy on the road after exiting the school knowing there would be multiple tar snakes, as well as an off-camber turn.. Once I approached this long, sweeping turn I let off the throttle to take it a little slower. Big mistake.


Once I let off the throttle and began to lean for the turn I felt the rear tyre slip. Followed by a split second of oppo, then Orlove (slid off the road into a ditch).

The Blue ellipse shows where traction was lost;

The Red circle shows the ditch where the bike came to a stop (It's a little difficult to see from this side of the road). The banking of the road is also visible farther down. The road comes to a high point in the middle turn lane and is angled down from it on either side like a much flatter -> /\


Luckily I came out of the situation with nothing more than a lightly scraped ankle. The motorcycle lost it's left front turn signal and had it's gear selector mangled. Without the ability to shift into neutral the bike would not start, but after messing around with the shifter at a nearby gas station, with the help of my mother and older brother, we got the bike running. The only catch was with a mangled shifter it had to be taken home in 6th gear, but luckily there were no left turns on the way.

So what did we learn here? Teenagers think they are invincible, and: