So my boss is starting the yearly question of how to increase profit.

I aim to cut expenses. Lower power usage, green energy appliances, reducing wall warts, etc etc (I work in computers). I'm looking to set up an energy audit soon as well.


The best way to increase profit? Sack my two useless coworkers. I can't fucking stand them. Neither one is patient at all (can someone working in computers afford not to be?) but most importantly, they do shitty jobs. There's pretty much a 1/3 split between my secretary, myself, and my boss who is the owner. We get everything done. And by everything, I mean everything. Down to keeping the cars clean, floors clean, garbage taken out, and all of the customer computers.

I came into work today, and there was no internet. Blasphemy! I literally can't get a whole lot of the current jobs done without internet. Updates, transfers, security cameras, literally, the whole 9 yards. So what did I do? I unplugged the server that was set up as a DHCP server, I unplugged the Sonic Wall (which is a POS anyway), I unplugged the 50 port switch, I found the network cables for the essentials, and I set up a router and got it all back up and running in about 25 minutes with a lot of swearing because I couldn't find the paperwork easily.

Then I started looking closer at the wiring and a lot of the network cable jacks have to be cut off and replaced because the ends weren't crimped properly and they'll fuck up the ports on the switch. I already had to re-do a lot of the wall plates because they aren't done right.

Oh, and on top of that, I was wondering why websites weren't working all the time and service was cutting out. Then I saw that the DNS servers were entered incorrectly in the Sonic Wall, so when it should have had "167" it had "168."

Damn kid does work like this....

....and thinks it looks good/acceptable and calls it a day.

I can't even. At least it's New Years, and that means I get to play video games with the lady, and then fall asleep on the couch with her, because neither of us could be bothered to go out this year (much like last year, and all of the years before that).