So I decided to take some time and think about the main things I want to achieve next year. As it turned out the list came to 14 things, which was perfect for my numerical OCD. How about you guys, what are your goals for next year?

1) Do at least four 5k obstacle runs, including two in one day.
2) Do at least 10 rally events (or at the very minimum beat this year’s 7)
3) Do at least one rally in the Pacific time zone (or Arizona)
4) Co-drive a turbo AWD car
5) Get a national class podium or a regional overall podium
6) Co-drive for Chris Duplessis
7) Co-drive Mt Washington
8) Do at least one desert race
9) Get a ride in a trophy truck/class 1/class 7200/Dakar car and write about it for Jalopnik
10) Make my next big planned Jalopnik rally project a reality (no spoilers)
11) Get the Dusty Ventures Motorsports desert truck race-ready (and race it maybe?)
12) Do a rally outside of the US/Canada
13) Do another Canadian national event
14) Learn how to drive a racing sequential gearbox