This is the Tweet posted by Nicholas Wyzykowski, 21, here in Austin, hours before he rear ended a Prius driven by 60-year-old kindergarten teacher Peggy Howard, her 18-year-old son Cale, and a friend, killing the mother and son. Investigators said Wyzykowski was driving his Chevy Avalanche at speeds of 80-100 mph at the moment of the crash. He continued on to strike a Camry in the oncoming lane, injuring 4 more people, two of them seriously. Wyzykowski tried to flee the scene wearing only a towel, but was apprehended. He had a BAC of 0.27, over three times the legal limit in Texas, and has been charged with 19 felonies. Ironically, Howard had picked up her son and his friend from the movies because she was worried about his safety driving at night. Wyzykowski suffered only minor injuries. (Full story)

Y'all be safe out there.