Got off to a shitty start this morning. I was on my was to the dentist when a plow truck blew through a red light right in front of me, crossing the road I was traveling on. He hit ice and couldn't stop and almost took out the car in front of me. I was able to swerve and miss him, but drove up a snow bank.
After digging and pushing, we were able to get my car out. No damage! Hallelujah! The bumper cover popped off on the driver's side, but I was able to pop it back on. No crack, no dents, no paint damage, all bulbs still work, no vibrations driving it after.
I got very lucky. Had I hit the truck my car would have been totaled for sure. Had it not been so cold and the snow wasn't light and fluffy still, it would have been like hitting a wall head on. I think it's a curse because I want to trade my car in!

Good luck and be safe!