This honestly was a car that I have loved since first sight, and it even has a pretty good looking twin. But why god, why, isn't there an turbocharged version? The STI version is rumored to have around 305hp. But of course these rumors have been around since the beginning. Probably not going to happen though. It would make this a pretty serious contender in the sports car department if it did though. But if it does happen it would of course have only a manual option. Subaru can't ignore the huge demand for a slush box option on their sti versions, I would get it. Honestly though, It might be a bad thing if Subaru did cave into demands. There are times when car makers have started caving into demands of the people, and starts going down hill, and making crappy cars, and not the over the top designed cars they are known for.

And another sight speculating about what the BRZ sti would be like