I'm bored so here you go, a quick game of guess the thingy. Obviously, it's very easy to tell what those are, the difficult part is to guess what car those come from. For now I'll only give you this hint: those are from a front wheel drive car, one that pretty much all of you know but few had hands on experience with. Believe me, if you ever worked on this particular vehicle you'd recognise those instantly. They're that unusual.

Of course, you could just reverse GIS the image, but please don't.

HINT 2: You'll find a part of this sort in any FWD or AWD car, but it usually looks (and works) a lot different.


HINT 3: Those are a part of the drivetrain. The part itself isn't unique (hence it should be easy to recognise), it's the application that's extremely unusual.


HINT 5: Using an universal joint instead of a CV-joint would have been OK in the 1930's or 1940's. This car was made until 1991.