This is not an easy decision. I'm considering either the new Cadillac CTS Vsport or a still available new second generation CTS-V wagon (with a manual). I know manual wagon and all, but still, the new CTS Vsport is a great car. Here's how I see each of them, which way would you go? I'm looking to lease so want to stay with a new vehicle. Any other ideas for a 4-door sports sedan up to $70k MSRP? The M, AMG, and S cars are priced out of my range so don't go there.

The new CTS Vsport has a great chassis, the latest mag suspension, E-diff borrowed from the C7, great technology (color HUD, customizable TFT display, radar cruise, etc), and a great 420hp twin turbo V6. I test drove one and thought it a better handling car than the previous CTS-V. The interior is much nicer too - materials and design. It is automatic only, but it performs well.

The second generation CTS-V is old school muscle, but can be had with a real manual transmission and there is no arguing against the LSA supercharged V8 or wagon goodness. It is quicker and faster than the new Vsport. Pretty much everything else about the car pales next to the new CTS though.

Considering they are priced very similarly, which way do you go?