So as some of you may already know, I work at a small Dodge/Ram dealership as a detailer/lot boy/gopher/janitor/etc.. Anyway, when new cars come in on the transporter, I'm the one who checks them in, which involves checking the vehicle over for damage and that they have everything they should(floor mats, owners manual, wheels locks, etc..), checking the VIN against the shipment papers, and then parking them. I've gotten very used to Chrysler's lax quality control, but every once in a while something really surprises me.

On Friday afternoon, a truck dropped off an Avenger, Caravan, and 1500. On the tailgate of the truck I noticed the Lone Star badge, which I assumed was similar to a Limited or Laramie Long Horn, but the truck was wearing the wheels of an Express model. Sure enough, when I looked at the window sticker, there was no mention of the Lone Star package. I did however notice the return of the Ram Charger name as an option group, which is pretty cool even if it should be an option for a 2-door Ram SUV. This particular truck is a 1500 Express Quad Cab RamCharger, so basically it's a base ST with the Sport fascia and bumpers(the Express part) with a sport hood and wheel-to-wheel side steps(Ramcharger), but it's not a Lone Star despite wearing the one badge. Later I looked up the Lone Star package and what it entails, and apparently it's "only for Texans", so how it ended up on an Express destined for Long Island, I can only imagine.