Yeah I know its only the 8th day of the year. But these people were pretty bad.

Was just filling up the Fusion when I noticed a lady leaving the shop unwrapping a pack of cigarettes. Whatever, maybe she just wanted to throw the wrapper away before driving off. Turned around to where she was going and saw this guy:

Shortly afterwards, he lit a cigarette for the other guy pictured too. The lady then started the engine of the van and got outside to light her cigarette. I figured I'd ask them to not smoke at the pumps seeing as how I didn't want to blow up, but they bitched me off and told me to mind my own business. Then I noticed a toddler in a child seat in the van. Seriously? Decided to go inside and tell the attendant (after moving my car away from the pump). They made an announcement over the PA for the people at pump #4 to put out their cigarettes, but you could see they just laughed it off. I was already pulling away when I saw the manager was outside yelling at them. Got to the stoplight to get back to the road and saw this sight.


The group of wonderful parents or whatever moved to smoke on the grassy field near the gas station, left the child in the running van at the pump at a packed gas station with people waiting to fill up (that Civic for example). How can people possibly be this dumb? And how are they allowed to raise a child?

Later, as I wrote this up for FinalGear, I noticed the yellow stickers on the back of the van meaning that its likely a student transfer vehicle......