... is worth two in the bush. This phrase came to mind today when I received an email from VW Canada. Some of you may know that my Golf left this planet about a month ago. I'm still working through the insurance details (woo, Mazda 3 rental!) and today my contact at VW offered me an option

  1. $500 dealer credit available now (snow tires, most likely)
  2. $1000 loyalty voucher redeemable within the next year on any new VW

Popular opinion of my family advisors is to use the voucher but my dad also wondered if this might be a "let's see if this is enough to keep them quiet" sort of deal. Which would you use?


Ninja edit: I forgot to mention that they say any investigation will be internal only, so I won't find out the final cause, and they explicitly say "this is a goodwill gesture and not an admission of guilt".