Here I will show you the awesome cars I discovered browsing the web, that I didn't know about.

Matra Rancho

This car looks awesome, was called ''The poor man's Range Rover'' , and was a terrible car to own.

Car tuner Vantagefield:

British tuner that made custom Range Rovers and will stretch your 4x4 or your Audi. They will also turn your Sprinter van into an office. Their website.

German tuner Buchmann

I can't find much about them, but the Buchmann brothers made some cool cars.

From rainbow targa 911 turbo to Polo's. You could order your car with a gun beneath the driver seat.

German tuner Irmscher

German tuner that made popular bodykits mostly for Opel, but also for Peugot and GM cars. they are still making kits, but are now spanish.


They made some mad cars, like the 'Challenge' and the 'Adventure'. They custom made a Golf with a 911 engine in the back that opens with hydraulics. 100 liter fuel tank is in the front and has a 50/50 weight distribution..

I just realized I saw the Challenge in real life.

Smart Crossblade

A Smart Fortwo with no windows and doors.

What cars did you learn about recently?