So before Christmas, my girlfriend was doing random searches for cars and found that she loved the 1972 Volvo 1900ES.
That led me to make this post:

The consensus was I needed to propose right then and there.

Well guess what? She outdid herself for Christmas. She knows that LeMans is my favorite race and I plan on taking us there one day.


She gave me this poster:

The Girlfriend's a Keeper - Part Deux

And it's an original from the race.


Holy shit.

She also got me about 10 HotWheels (sorry no sr20) which include about half muscle cars and half exotics. There's even a Toyota 2000GT and a Dodge Daytona in the mix (those are the ones I was most excited about... there's also a couple Lambo's, an Aston, and some other greats). Let it be known she knew jack-shit about cars before I came along, she didn't even know how to check her oil before me.

So yeah I guess it's about time to go buy a ring, eh?