So Patrick George's article yesterday listing the worst selling cars and trying to justify why people should buy them got me thinking about looking for the best aspects of bad cars, and how you can make something terrible sound appealing. Today I was killing time by searching Autotrader for wagons under $5,000, just to see what was floating around, and I came across this Daewoo Nubira wagon for the low low price of $2,250. The best that the poor bastard who had to write the summary for this car could do was to say that it was "practical." He listed some generic features and then just said ". . . and more!" as if you should know about all the awesome things that come on a Nubira Wagon.

What would you say about this wagon to make it seem somewhat appealing? Give me your most creative redeeming features. I'm sure some of you work in advertising/marketing and can come up with something amazing.

What other terrible cars are out there? What do you say about them to make them appealing?