It's quite difficult being a car enthusiast out there. I could list all the reasons out, but that list would be rather long winded and boring, even for us here on Oppo. Even so, divisions are wildly apparent within the scene as a whole, even over the most mundane of nonsense. Now note, I'll attempt to make this sound as not ranty as possible, but some frustration may slip in from time to time. Bear with me! It'll all come together at the end. Just you wait. All that being said, I'll focus on one subset of animosity within our world. That animosity towards the detailer.

I don't doubt most people out there like to keep a clean car, unless you drive something that's specifically built to get dirty! It's a nice little show of pride in your vehicle and protects it in the long run. Good stuff. Obviously, as with anything, there are those of us that like to take it to the next level. I like spending a nice, sunny afternoon with all my polishing pads in a row, tubs of wax, and some elbow grease. It's a great way to relax, at least in my point of view. It also saves me loads of work trying to get it clean again. Win, win. End up with a swirl free and deep finish. Lovely. Here's my car when I did my summer detail ages ago.

Normally I confide to detailing forums with this sort of stuff, but sometimes I do wander out to car meets which I apparently help run. Heh. Trust me, it's usually quite a good time and some people do poke fun at me for keeping my car rather clean during the summer months. All in jest of course. No use in not being able to laugh at yourself sometimes, no? However, there seem to be a small group of people who are genuinely quite flustered by this. It's not like I walk around pointing around imperfections in other's cars, but I do like to keep mine looking quite nice. What gives?


Apparently I should stop worrying about my paint and just "drive my car". I don't really know what I've been doing for the past 56k miles if I haven't been driving! Perhaps I just fall asleep at the wheel and magically appear at my destination. I totally don't enjoy mountain passes, winding backroads, and the occasional off ramp taken just a tad too quickly. Perhaps I should stop "because it'll just get dirty again". I should stop eating, naturally, I'll only get hungry again, right? There's a notion that a detailed car can't possibly be a daily driver or driven hard. It's completely bizarre the flak I get for absolutely no reason. Here's more detail porn from when I did up a buddy's car.

Anyway, this is, perhaps, where I truly get onto my soapbox and start spewing some preachy nonsense. Why are some enthusiasts so quick to snap at others? Jest and sarcasm is one thing, but some folks are just downright assholes about it all. Even folks here on Jalopnik and Oppo are quick to show their superiority over their fellow enthusiast. Don't drive a caged E30 LS swap? You must be lame and stupid. Buy a Camry. Well, perhaps that was a tad excessive, but the usual manual v auto, old v new cars, etc. arguments get very tired and old, and ultimately downright divisive. As enthusiasts, we can't afford to divide ourselves any further, especially over petty personal, and I stress personal, choices. At the end of the day, we all love cars, and that's what should unite us, no?


I'll get off my box now. Perhaps I'm a tad insane, but heck, I think we can all agree on one thing, let's continue to strive towards a respectful hobby as a whole. We work hard on our projects, no matter how big or small. It's what makes us enthusiasts. Dedication, hard work, persistence, and passion for all things automotive.

I'll stop whining now.

Thank you.