All-road AWD 3-door Coupes. Audi and Volvo have concepts, Mini and Range Rover have models on lots for sale already. Where is Subaru? They should be near production release.

This is an up-and-coming segment as roads deteriorate, and people have become accustomed to practical rear hatches in larger cars, and want the practicality of ride height, AWD traction, and rear hatch cargo loading, in a smaller, more efficient, more nimble vehicle.


Subaru has XV Crosstrek, but it is so far 5-door only, and woefully underpowered for anyone who is enthused about Subaru.

And their shooting brake 'Sport Design Concept' isn't based on that AWD platform, but rather on BRZ, which is low, and non-AWD compatible.

Where is the production version of the entirely theoretical Subaru Viziv concept, with WRX or STI power?