I've been shopping for an M3 as a fun car for a while now. It's mainly going to be for track days and weekends. I'm extremely pick as I want an Interlagos or Lemans blue exterior, Fox red or caramel (or other similar colors) interior, it has to be an LCI E90, must have idrive, and most importantly, IT HAS TO BE A 6MT. I've found many cars that meet all requirements, except the transmission. I can't be flexible on the transmission at all, as I want a manual and so does my brother, who will be sharing the car on track days.

In the picture above, the M3 ticks all the boxes. Lemans blue, fox red, carbon leather trim, everything right? No, it's missing the most important part. The third pedal seems to have disappeared. Luckily for me, the price is a little high compared to the mileage so there's no chance I'll be seduced into buying a DCT (even though they are fantastic transmissions).


Post pictures of the car you've been eyeing lately. I'd love to see the diverse taste we all have on Oppo.