Tuesday night, one of my good buddies explained how to do it (I had watched videos about it before, but couldn't quite get the sense of it), and I've been giving it a whirl the last couple days.

I'm able to upshift pretty successfully. I've probably done it now 20 or 30 times, and have only missed my RPM twice maybe?

I've even tried downshifting a couple times, and I think I missed my RPM once there too.


All in all though, it's kind of a fun thing to learn, and could, theoretically, come in handy one day. As a bonus, my transmission hasn't made even the slightest blip of complaint yet. I guess my synchros are still good :)


Ok, you guys have made some fine points, and convinced me that it's probably a bad idea. So I'll stop. I think there are rare situations where being able to do this COULD come in handy, but largely, pushing in the clutch isn't exactly hard, and apparently is way better for your tranny (even if you can shift without the clutch perfectly every time).


Also, accelerating through the gears is slow af when shifting this way. Every time you pull the car out of gear, you have to wait a second for your flywheel to slow down to the right speed. My flywheel is still pretty hefty I guess, because it takes a couple seconds.