More cars! This is like the fifth time I've tried this now.

Datsun 240Z

MBX Porsche GT3

Pagani Huayra, from my sister. She got it because of one of our all time favorite Top Gear moments, involving the pronunciation of Huayra

BMW E30 M3


BMW Z4 M (I've been into Bimmers lately)

MBX Fisker Karma

'57 Chevy. Considering giving this one to my grandfather. His parents had one when he was growing up, he said it was a huge pile of crap. He hates 57s.

Chevy Silverado

Dodge Challenger drift car

White KB Fiesta, to go with the black one I've already got

Mustang GT500

Mustang GT, to match the '92 Fox body I've got

And a Cool Classics Turbo Mustang