What many see as an ugly, boring, old person car, I see as an awesome vehicle. Todays NPOCP Volvo 960 is case in point, but is $3,000 too much?

I love the Swedes. Saabs, Volvos, Koenigseggs, and Spykers are all awesome to me. But, with Saab going bust and the other two out of my budget (as of now), Volvo is my last hope. Sure, I already have a first car and am living with it for about 33 more months, but why not keep looking for a project?

As well as the Swede love, I love wagons. The combo is like peanut butter and jelly; which is to say perfect. Sadly, in my area, Volvos are hard to find. Volvo wagons are even harder. So, when this 960 showed up I was intrigued.

The ad is quite vague, which scares me. There are no interior pics. I don't know if its an auto or manual. All I know is that "it runs great" which in Craigslist terms can mean anything. There is an odometer pic, which claims it has 173,000 miles on it. Thats nothing for a Volvo, right?

BUT WAIT! There's more! This particular Volvo packs a punch. A big American punch, produced by a 5.0 Ford V8!

You weren't expecting that huh?

Here's the bad news. The ad doesn't say anything about this engine. I don't know where it is from (other than a Mustang). I don't know what the mileage is on it. I don't know when the swap or done or by who. The last fun bit, its at a pawn shop. And what that tells me is that the owner wasn't the wealthiest man out there. That means the maintence may be a bit sketchy. Do you think Ford would work on it? It is a Volvo after all, which Ford did own for a bit.


The sad part is that my dad won't let me have two cars. First, anyone have a garage in the Sarasota area that I can keep it? If not, I planned this out. I can offer my lease on one of those take over sights so I get rid of the Civic. Then, I can have this instead. Please stop me and tell me its a bad idea.

But, for $3,000, is a 1996 Volvo wagon with an unknown engine and history at a pawn shop a good deal?

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