It seems that the general consensus these days (and probably these years) on Oppositelock is that far too many cars today look similar—more problematic, though, is that we see them as being downright plain. Of course, some cars are a bit less bland (such as the 2015 Mustang with its debatable appearance), but still remind of other new cars for sale—possibly because so many of today's cars seem to be bland, derivative of other cars' styling, or downright weird solely for uniqueness's sake. In any event, we are always connecting the appearances of different cars—while sometimes these comparisons serve as compliments when pointing out the resemblance of a cheaper car to a more expensive and attractive one, or as design criticism when remarking on a premium car's likeness to an economy car or simply lower-grade vehicle. As with most automotive trends (whether you believe this one truly exists or is just blown out of proportion by others) it has sparked contention between exasperated people who don't care to question and the naysayers and cynics who are said (by the aforementioned group of self-righteous people who go around saying "quit yer bitchin'" constantly) to always look for something to complain about.

Anyways, that was a royal digression. Today's FEQ is:

What cars (new or old) look very similar to another car/cars and what are those cars that they bear a strong resemblance to?

(Of course, I am not writing this for the (sole) purpose of antagonizing new car designers and generalizing modern cars as boring looking, so older cars that seem to be copies of or identical to other cars are welcome as responses.)

As they looked around the crowded convention center, the new cars at the auto show kept finding more and more of what seemed to be their long-lost siblings.

Also: STOP COPYING MY THOUGHTS, EVERYONE. First this FEQ was going to be about performance bargains (which was taken and FP'd) and then it was going to be about cars that have been most improved (became a QOTD). Honestly, this makes NSA mind-reading tactics just all too obvious.

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